Grief. Trauma. Loss.

20 years reduced to this? Rock Bottom.
Losing everything, when I thought I had it all.

12 Week Program

Infidelity. Death. Loss

My partner taking his own life?
Rock Bottom.
Where do I begin?

12 Week Program

Choose Growth over Grief

You CAN get better. You CAN heal.

12 Week Program

Become better, smarter and stronger.

"Time helps but it doesn't heal. We do that ourselves."

Praise for Debra Pascoe

"After the death of my husband, Debra guided me through my grief and coached me on how to begin living independently for the first time in my life. She encouraged me to eliminate negative people and negative thinking. "Surround yourself with only those people who bring you joy and laughter." With her help, I made major changes in my life -- all positive! First, I went back to work part-time. Next, I began decluttering my possessions. Then, I relocated.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to share with you how grateful I am to have Debra in my life. I continue to contact her when I need advice, counsel, guidance."

Tracy Broughman 

"Working with Deb is a perfect blend of art, science, engagement and creativity! She understood the current reality and was committed to making certain the work we did together created a revitalised, innovative, and upgraded version of before.

Deb understands the inside work of change, creativity and transformation. Her ability to blend the artistic side of her design thinking and the deep commitment to personal transformation meant we were thrilled with the outcome."

Rohan Dredge
Leadership Speaker | Author | Mentor

"Debra, thank you so much for being there and assisting me through this extremely challenging time of my life.  Your insight and strength are continuing to assist and empower me for my family & professionally.  I cannot thank you enough for your words of wisdom and especially our much needed laughter in difficult times. "


"Working with Deb as her PT has enabled me to witness a complete transformation and as a result, she epitomises the reason why I love my job.

Seeing it all first hand, Deb was challenged enormously both emotionally, and physically. Through adversity, commitment, belief, resilience and unparalleled perseverance she has catapulted to incredible heights. There was no magical pill, it was a derivative of hard work

Deb approaches her training with the knowledge that she constantly strives to become a better version of herself.  This recognition has become a driving force and it is inspiring the way her perceptions on life have evolved.

I don’t hear Deb feeling sorry for herself, I see an amazing invigorated person looking for solutions when the gauntlet is thrown at her"

Chris Koulatsos

"Deb and I have worked together in many settings over the last 25 years. She has always had an innate sense of what works whether that was a design , a problem to be solved, or someone needing a little push along, all sparked by a creative flair and brilliant communication skills..

Her zest for life, enthusiasm and regard for people sets her apart as a truly inspirational person with important things to share from her own journey… with all that life usually throws at us .. ever onwards Deb."

Mike Devlin
Nirvana Property Specialists

"I am lucky enough for called Debra friend and a mentor. From my early professional life she generously took me under her wing and mentored me professionally whilst always being a friend. I owe a good deal of my design acumen and my success to Deb’s leadership and patients.
During a particularly traumatic period in my life I was fortunate enough to be able to fall on Deb’s support which helped keep me afloat.
Her strength and kindness knows no bounds. I am better person for having Deb in my life. Thank you."

Clare Kelly

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