Why write a book? Lots of people say it don’t they? “I should write a book!” Maybe they should. Everyone has a story to tell, and every story is interesting and powerful.

Following a series of tragedies, my friends used to say to me “maybe you can help others,” to which I responded “you must be ^**@ kidding…I can’t even help myself”. I was in a very dark place.

Two years later, feeling better than I had felt in a long time, perhaps ever, I began analysing why I was feeling so good. Was it time? Conclusion, no. Then what was it? After hours of deep thinking, I realised why and more importantly, how, I had arrived here. I started to write. Now I not only had a story, but one that could possibly help other people.

This is my reason for writing.

My books are here to help. They are easy to read, sad and also funny. Elements to embrace the reader and let them know they too can do this.

To me, this is what we need when trying to heal. To hear from someone authentic who has been there, not a celebrity or therapist. We need real stories and real ideas for recovery.

My third book is in the planning and will include happy stories of others who have also recovered and lived to tell their own story.


Become better, smarter and stronger.

"Time helps but it doesn't heal. We do that ourselves."

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