Healthy Skepticism

Healthy Skepticism

When I first moved to Australia I was shocked by a few things.

The first was how healthy the people were. Not just physically, but their outlook on life. At the core of it was a raw honesty, which took me aback. I came to realise that this was just the Aussie way, and not to take it personally. The more someone teased or insulted you, the more they liked you.

This attitude also came with a healthy scepticism. I say healthy because it meant these people didn’t just accept what was thrown at them. They challenged, debated, argued and walked away as friends.

They also spoke freely about their opinions on sex, religion and politics. Another bizarre notion to me. I knew Europeans did this. I had observed them for years in restaurants leaning in, deep in discussion, often heated but embracing in the end.

This is a very healthy way to live.

But lately I ask myself where has it gone? That healthy Aussie attitude? I MISS IT.

Fear, grief and anxiety amplify out inhibition. But it’s healthy to keep talking, debating and argue. To get it out and be real.

What strikes me is how the lack of it, this healthy debate, is making us sick, adding stress by judging each other rather than accepting. Sometimes losing friends due to these conflicts.

Let’s get it back. The Aussie attitude is revered and adored worldwide; we mustn’t let it go due circumstances beyond our control.

One way to feel better TODAY is to do a few simple things.

  • Control the controllables
  • Question, debate freely and fairly
  • Listen to other’s opinions
  • Try not to judge
  • Remove any language like ‘the right thing’
  • Listen to your heart

Adversity can be a good thing. History has taught us this is how we grow.

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