Just Keep Driving

I love cars. I adore driving.

After many years in the automotive industry I don’t consider myself a petrol head, but I do notice every one and have an affection and appreciation for that world. Some of the designers are the most talented people I have ever met.

One time during the launch of a new vehicle, we did something extraordinary; offered rally car rides to the press at the launch. I somehow managed to get one as well. Now that was crazy! I have never been so scared in my life as we raced around these tiny dirt roads in the bush making rash hairband turns at a seriously fast pace. Incredible experience but totally insane.

Roads and driving are perfect metaphors for moving forward in life. The pace in which we do depends on how hard we press to pedal. Sometimes we run out of petrol all together and need to refill, and have a choice about cheap or premium fuel. Like advice. Sometimes we need to pay for quality input so the engine will run smoother.

And often the tank FEELS empty even when it’s full.

A few years ago I felt like my car was literally broken down, up on the hoist at the repair shop with no idea if or when it might come down and be ready to drive again.

But it did.

With a few major repairs and ongoing maintenance we are humming again.

The thing to take note of is this – it’s not just the mechanic that fixes it for you. It’s you who knew it wasn’t driving right, the one who took it there to begin with. It’s you who started the process of fixing it. Then after a discussion over what parts it needed, a bit of pain, and a few bills you realisied you actually love that car and are so glad you repaired it. It’s you who will ensure it stays maintained in future.

And off you go. Back on the road again.

Recovery is like the road you now drive on. It isn’t a dead end.

It has a past behind you, and miles in front. It winds, bends and turns with lots of other cars on the road, but sometimes you have the entire highway to yourself. It may also be a crazy dirt road with an insane risk taking driver, or a winding country road alone. Sometimes you go slowly, other times you speed like crazy, barely avoiding a ticket but having fun. The choices are yours.

I remember thinking in my 20s I will be driving fast with loud music playing when I’m 50! How right I was, still do. Seriously is there anything better?

That feeling of being on the road, meandering to classical music on a Sunday or road trippin with your favouite allies like the Red Hot Chili Peppers say, we are there for the ride.

I say put the top down and take off.

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