About Debra Pascoe

Design is in everything we do. It surrounds us instinctively through natural and manmade patterns everywhere, even in our daily lives, constantly evolving.

One could even say these patterns keep us going; treading water, travelling well-worn safe paths, called habits. We can handle minor changes and setbacks. But when there is a major disruption to these learned behaviours, we are forced to find new pathways, to adapt, and reinvent the lives we know.

Debra Pascoe is well known as an expert in design, colour, and trends. She has lived and loved this industry for over 25 years. Her passion has always been to assist others and find elegant solutions for each client.

However, in recent years, following a series of personal tragedies, her focus has shifted. Now using the creative principals she knows so well, to help the people in a new way; to modify their patterns and redesign their lives.

They say time heals all wounds, but she says:

“Time helps but it doesn’t heal”.

Debra believes the first step in healing is learning to savour something again, allowing joy back into your life. From there finding your deep, often hidden, inner strengths and calling on them. And then building slowly, slowly.

One mentor said “You can do this Deb. You’ve been doing it all your life”. That’s when it hit; maybe it’s possible to get better. Maybe she did have the strength. Somewhere. It was a matter of finding it again.

Since then, she has overcome, created a new life for herself and now assists others through the same process. Guiding people gently, through personal life experiences on how to restore their own strength.

Is this you? Debra is confident we can all find this inside. It is possible to recover.

Together with us, you too can learn how. It’s time to start feeling great again, to turn the corner and redesign the life you deserve.


“It is possible to create wellness, to make it happen for ourselves, not allow what has happened define us. We have the power within to get better, to create the life we deserve.”

Become better, smarter and stronger.

"Time helps but it doesn't heal. We do that ourselves."

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