Debra Pascoe : helping you redesign your life.

Debra Pascoe is an expert in colour and trends. Her passion for work, merged with these two topics, has driven her to look deeply into why social trends occur, how they effect our choices, and how to translate this thinking into product. She has designed everything from commercial interiors and exhibition stands to, carpet and ultimately automotive.

Recently, her focus has shifted from design to creatively helping others. Her books demonstrate how simple design principles can be applied to recover or purely enhance your life.

She learnt the hard way, when tragedy strikes, it’s what you do that matters; how you redesign your life and continue following your passion.

VIVE! is an evolution of her first book GET! Better. Smarter. Stronger. Debra's follow on book from VIVE! A Cup of Black Coffee, is about appreciating even the smallest things, so that you can truly recover and find joy again.

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