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Green Grass

By Debra Pascoe | September 27, 2022

It never ceases to amaze how some old adages keep ringing true. The grass is always greener on the other side is a perfect example. The concept usually refers to wanting what others have, but it can also apply to wanting things out of our reach, or unobtainable. One could argue this drives us to …

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A Glass Of Optimism

Orange is by far the most controversial colour in the palette. It’s like mushrooms, you love it or hate it. Not much in between. Unlike yellow, which is also bright and warm, people often really dislike it. When I see it used in marketing, I always wonder how that affects their sales because it can …

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Clean Slate

White is the symbol of purity and simplicity. When my baby was born, I had to have everything white. Furniture, bed linen, clothes, all white. It felt so pure. A simple, crisp white shirt always works. Oh… but don’t eat spaghetti bolognese while wearing it. It does have its downside. It can get blemished easily. …

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Empathy Is Gold

They say make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold. What a great analogy for sympathy and empathy as well. Empathy is the gold standard of understanding someone else’s feelings. If you haven’t been there, you simply don’t get it to the same degree. You feel sympathy, but like …

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Just Keep Driving

I love cars. I adore driving. After many years in the automotive industry I don’t consider myself a petrol head, but I do notice every one and have an affection and appreciation for that world. Some of the designers are the most talented people I have ever met. One time during the launch of a …

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Use Your Prawns

When my son was little and I could see him getting angry I always said to him Brains not Brawn… In other words, use your head to solve the problem, not your fists right? Little boys have a lot of testosterone. Age 4 when the first huge surge hits plus immaturity you have your hands …

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Time Heals All Wounds?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Just sit back and allow time to do its job. Get busy time! I’ll be here when you’re finished ready to kick ass again! Time heals everything…really? It’s amazing how many people say this, and I suppose actually believe it. But it really doesn’t make sense. If you sit back and …

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Healthy Skepticism

Healthy Skepticism

When I first moved to Australia I was shocked by a few things. The first was how healthy the people were. Not just physically, but their outlook on life. At the core of it was a raw honesty, which took me aback. I came to realise that this was just the Aussie way, and not …

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Call it what it is

Call it what it is!

Acknowledge the problem exists. Be vulnerable, accept it. Call it what it is. This is the path from adversity to strength.
The Best Thing to Design is YOU feature image

The Best Thing to Design is YOU®!

It’s time. Time to think about yourself. Sounds absolutely audacious and even vain. But I don’t mean facials and massages and weekend escapes. I mean what are you really doing for YOU? Deep down? If you’re already tolling your eyes and thinking oh yeah I know this, but it’s harder than you think I GET IT. It is harder than it seems. But it’s not impossible. And it’s never too late.
Grief or growth 5 stages of grief 4 stages of growth

Grief or Growth

Grief or Growth; which do you choose? If you think about the 5 stages of grief, they don’t really get you anywhere do they? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. Wow. If the end result is Acceptance that’s not a great starting point for a bright future. What about Growth instead? Why can’t we …

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"Time helps but it doesn't heal. We do that ourselves."

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