It Just Doesn’t Matter

It has been brought to my attention recently how often I say a particular expression. It was constructive criticism; designed to help me.

What I say is ‘it just doesn’t matter’. And I say it A LOT. Since then I realised that I say it all the time! It occurred to me that I love it! I use it as a coping mechanism for when things are ridiculous or just too much. The truth is most things in our lives just don’t matter.

The only things that really matter are our health, our finances and whether or not our kids are ok. Honestly nothing else really matters!

Now that it has been brought to my attention, I laugh out loud every time I say it.

Honestly, think about it. What really matters? That you burnt dinner (or you can’t cook anyway like me) or your child didn’t do their homework or tuck their shirt in?

Believe me, in this life we must learn to focus on what does matter. Spend our energy there and just ignore the rest.

Next time you find yourself stressing about being late, or putting on a few kilos, or worrying about what someone thinks take a second to decide what really matters to YOU.

Try saying to yourself or verbally to someone else:

It just doesn’t matter!

And if you want a huge laugh about what matters, watch this clip from the Bill Murray movie, Meatballs.

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