Debra started small, making presentations in the corporate environment in the US. She likes to laugh at her first presentation, which she assumed was going to be a simple, so didn’t take it seriously. Shock horror. It was all of the senior management.

It was a disaster, and she vowed to never underestimate an audience again.

She believes that ‘Speaking’ should really be renamed. It isn’t going on and on about your own stuff, it’s about helping the audience learn something and grow. Dedicating that time to them, not self.

With so many talking heads out there, how do you know who to watch and listen to? The answer is simple. We want authentic, real people telling real stories. The rest is entertainment.

If you or your team need inspiration and a dose of honesty and reality, Debra is here to do this.

She delivers presentations on turning adversity into strength, surviving the toughest times in your life and getting on with it.


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