Live Course


The Best Thing to Design is YOU!® 

This course is a powerful method of recovery that breaks through the cycle of grief so that you can intentionally design your life. You’ll move through four stages of growth from Survive, to Arrive, to Revive and to finally Thrive. 

  • Inspiring Imagery
  • Online Weekly for 12 Weeks
  • Powerful Information
  • Fantastic Music
  • Tactile, Hands On
  • Thinking Time


This isn’t just about grief recovery; it’s about resetting and the intentional design of your life. Design is everywhere from the high-end to the everyday.
We all know something good when we see it, feel it, or use a product.

Why not give the same attention to yourself?
Dedicate time to YOU. To get better. To heal.

To move forward with absolute strength and poise.

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