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Generation Resilience

We as adults are constantly accusing the current generation of being entitled. We carry on about how they need to be more resilient. Schools are having speakers come in to teach them this invaluable human trait.

My son said to me last week “we’re probably going to get blamed for all of this Mom because my generation is seen as being so weak”. I had to reassure him that they would not be blamed, but it did make me pause for thought.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They are not weak.

What generation in recent times do you know of that has grown up with such extreme concepts? Such strong language in their lives?

Such challenges that are literally unsolvable?


Let’s think about it on a rational scale:

FEAR SCALE: Nervous – Frightened – Scared – Horrified – TERRIFIED

ISSUE SCALE: Local – State wide – National – International – GLOBAL

HEALTH SCALE: Not feeling great – Sick – Flu – Epidemic – PANDEMIC

And suicide is almost common. They hear of it often. It was always there, but nowhere near what it is today.

Recreational drugs can be instantly addictive and make people nuts. ICE.

Previous generations have bravely been to war. Unbelievable horror. But they thought they were fighting for a reason, an idea, a country. I’m not downplaying it and recognise it was absolutely unimaginable, but it did have purpose and the hope of a result. With Terrorism we aren’t quite sure who the enemy is, and they might show up anywhere, anytime.

Yes, previous generations have battled major social issues as well. Nuclear bombs, famine, economy collapses, but Global issues? That’s massive. Fix the world. Globe warming. Shit! What can an individual DO to change the weather patterns and fix icebergs melting? Recycle? Install the right lights? We can all do our part, but you have to admit the problem seems a bit HUGE, a bit insurmountable.

And now a global pandemic and lockdown. If you touch anyone or anything you may get sick, pass it to your elderly relatives and kill them. Oh, and learn to self-educate overnight, even though you have never done this. “Deal with it” someone said to me.

Do we really think this generation isn’t resilient? I beg to differ and will argue they have more perseverance than we give them credit for.

They travel the world, acutely aware of its dangers. They know fear, but don’t let it stop them.

They’ve inherited a messed-up planet created by previous generations and accept their part in repairing it.

As experts of the digital age, who do you think will handle social isolation? It might be physical isolation, but it will not stop them socialising.

These monumental issues and language are part of their psyche, and everyday lives. These kids may might seem entitled, and maybe they are a bit. But they are also incredible smart and strong. Maybe because of this so-called entitlement they will demand change.

Maybe they will demand or become better leaders and create a better world.

I think we should have a closer look with our eyes wide open and realise that this may be GENERATION RESILIENCE.

Debra Pascoe

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