Grief or growth 5 stages of grief 4 stages of growth

Grief or Growth

Grief or Growth; which do you choose?

If you think about the 5 stages of grief, they don’t really get you anywhere do they? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. Wow.

If the end result is Acceptance that’s not a great starting point for a bright future. What about Growth instead?

Why can’t we learn from trauma - expand our wisdom?

From personal experience I know we can achieve what I now refer to as Post Traumatic Growth. I did it, and so can others.

Getting BETTER, SMARTER AND STRONGER is totally possible.

Let’s think Stages of Growth instead of stages of grief. Full stop.

You can go from barely Surviving to Thriving.  The great news is you glean a very important human trait from each stage as you move through them, and  each is a critical step.

You gain Courage, Fortitude, Resilience and POISE. You can transform yourself.

As a designer I have discovered that The Best Thing to design is You!

I am running a course on exactly how to do this.

If this interests you let’s go! Look forward to seeing you there.

If this isn’t for you, that’s cool too. Stay strong.

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