I have a friend who has lived through a lot.

Years ago, she was literally struck by electricity, which took quite some time to recover. She lost her father at a young age and has suicide and mental illnesses scattered throughout her family. She has 3 adult children, a very busy, husband who works long hours. She takes care of an older mother and any friend in need. She is constantly helping everyone in sight.

When I was suffering, of course she was there for me as well.

She used to tell me, when things got bad, she would just envision herself in a rainslicker and just let the crap wash off of her.

I love this analogy. It’s a simple visual for letting the silly stuff wash over you. Use whatever metaphor suits you but what a great idea to have something simple at your fingertips when you need it. When a disparaging comment comes your way or even a negative thought.

For me it has to be a classic yellow slicker. For you it might be Burberry.  Doesn’t matter.  Let is wash over you and onto the ground.

You have to be mentally strong to do this, and that takes work.

It’s a bit like building and maintaining physical strength.

  • Do little things all the time, it’s not boot camp.
  • Say NO when you should.
  • Say YES even when you’re scared.
  • Be aware, not reactive. You’ll make better decisions.
  • Trust yourself.

Think about mental immunity, your rainslicker.

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