Resilience = Respect

To be resilient today is highly respected. We admire it in those who have it. How do we obtain this elusive trait? Wait for a trauma and hope we bounce back? Put our body to the test? Both, pretty extreme.

LATIN: Re:back  Salire: jump, leap. A bit later it evolved to ‘springing back’.

We aren’t born with these abilites. Neither are we born with resilience.

If you want R-E-S-P-E-C-T earn it. Learn to be resilient. Try new things. Get out of your ruts. Get out of your comfort zone as often as humanly possible. This will create the space to learn resilience. Crawl, walk, run and then jump.

I like to think of myself springing back like a rubber band, it’s pretty funny. Try it.

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