Stuffed managing grief at christmas


This word has different meanings, in different countries. In America it’s all to do with how much bread, chestnuts and celery you put into your Christmas turkey. It might even refer to how much stuff you cram into a lovely stocking hanging over the mantle. I love stuffing stockings with crazy fun things and chocolate gold coins.

However, in Australia….a slightly more irreverent country… the meaning is a bit different. On it’s nicest level it means super tired, or messed up. On a deeper, more profound level, it means you’re #@%*#!

So, which are you?

Ready for a gorgeous Christmas meal with your family, exhausted, or feeling a bit like the world has knocked you about?

A few years ago, turkeys were the furthest thing from my mind, but after realising I needed to get some help, reaching out and getting it, then doing the work to GET BETTER, I can say turkeys and stockings are on my mind again.

As we go deeper into this festive season, lets try to move from feeling stuffed to stuffing our kids stockings, our turkeys and our faces if that makes you happy.

Have a great Christmas.

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