the art of giving

The Art of Giving

Is the art of giving finding the perfect present for your loved one? Yes.

Is the art of giving going out of your way to do so? Yes.

Is the art of giving seeing their face light up? Yes!

Is the art creating stress? Then it’s no longer art. All of the above flies out the window for everyone if it freaks you out.

As I have gotten older, I couldn’t care less about getting anything, but am thrilled when someone who’s super busy has done anything for me, or my 16 year old actually gives me a present. This is awesome and lights up my world.

What I don’t want is someone creating stress in their lives to do so.

Don’t we all love that terrible gift our kids gave us from the school gift fair? Those are the best. Yeah, Tiffany is wonderful, but a macaroni necklace steals your heart.

I’m going to enjoy the ride this year. Let’s agree to do something crazy like go to K-Mart at some wild hour and buying an inflatable Christmas Hat Ring Toss. By the way they’re open ‘til midnight at most locations over Christmas and some locations 24 hours. This is art in its finest form guys…

Soooo if you’re feeling crappy this Christmas and finding it hard, maybe stop worrying about the PERFECT gift. The perfect gift is most likely others seeing you happy.

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