The Best Thing to Design is YOU®!

It’s time. Time to think about yourself.

Sounds absolutely audacious and even vain. But I don’t mean facials and massages and weekend escapes. I mean what are you really doing for YOU? Deep down? If you’re already rolling your eyes and thinking oh yeah I know this, but it’s harder than you think I GET IT.

It is harder than it seems. But it’s not impossible. And it’s never too late.

Women have this Catch 22 where we just love to nurture, feel guilty when we walk away for a bit, and then get frustrated that we’ve left ourselves behind. This happens at home and in the workplace. Then we feel bitchy and demanding when we suddenly arc up.

Sound familiar? For me it took hitting rock bottom to finally wake up.

Following a series of personal tragedies, I finally realised that to help anyone else I had to fix me. All those years of designing products for others, large corporates all over the world it hit me. I had to design me. Without that, the rest was useless.

What will your tipping point be?

What is it going to take to really STOP, take a breath and start working on YOU?

Do you need a full renovation or just a minor lift?

The first choice is deciding to do it. That in itself is completely liberating. Then stop doing the crap you hate and start doing the things you love. Everyone around you will survive!

Then map out a plan, tell everyone you’re doing this and do it.

If you need help, that’s cool. I certainly did.  It changed my life, and not my true passion is to share what I’ve discovered through podcasts, books, talks and webinar series.

I also mentor privately and speak to large groups about turning Adversity into Power, the Four Stages of Growth (forget the 5 stages of grief!) and how to focus on YOU - unselfishly.

You need to believe and really, understand this truth - The Best Thing to Design is YOU!®

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