Time Heals All Wounds?

Wouldn’t that be nice? Just sit back and allow time to do its job. Get busy time! I’ll be here when you’re finished ready to kick ass again!

Time heals everything…really?

It’s amazing how many people say this, and I suppose actually believe it. But it really doesn’t make sense. If you sit back and hope time with heal any would, you could be waiting a long time..

A simple cut could get worse and maybe never heal if you didn’t tend to it. Major cuts require stitches. A pulled muscle is the same, it needs attention such as ice, massage and physio treatments. Some injuries require surgery, slow repetitive and boring rehabilitation exercises, or both. Imagine if you just let time heal those? Would you do that? Would you do that with your child? Not a chance.

An emotional wound is no different. So, I don’t subscribe to the notion that ‘time heals’. You have to acknowledge that you’re injured, do the necessary rehab and care for the wound.

In other words, do the work.

Time helps but it doesn’t heal!

I love it when people see me now and say how aaarre you??? When I say great, they inevitably say well, time heals! I want to scream no it doesn’t! It takes effort and hard work… but I refrain and laugh instead.

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