What do you do when you need to adapt? To shift your thinking?

What do you do when you need to adapt?

What do you do when you need to adapt? To shift your thinking?

Theoretically people don’t like change. It throws us. But why? Humans are in a state of perpetual change. We innately know how. It begins at birth. New parents witness it continually as their child evolves before their eyes. The difference between birth and six months is extraordinary.

One year, five years….teenagers. It’s easy to understand when we physically see this little person transforming . But despite seeing it ourselves, it’s hard to comprehend that it’s going to be continuous. The minute we relax and think ‘cool, we’ve got this’! It all shifts again. With the second baby, got it. Yep, he/she is simply going through a phase. All good. You’ve learned to adapt. To accommodate.

Life is all about adapting, accommodating for progress. Allowing life to develop before our eyes.

If you think it’s scary, or don’t like it, think again. Change is good. Change is growth.

Perhaps let’s think of it like a pair of worn denim jeans. Is there anything better? But they weren’t always new. At first, they were a bit uncomfortable. They gradually adapted to you, and you to them. My favourite outfit is still a hangover from the 70s. White shirt, old jeans, boots. Maybe I think I’m Stevie Nicks or something, but I absolutely love it. I feel safe. I feel secure.

When you’re worried about change, think back to something that was once new and challenging that you mastered. It might be as complex as a baby, or as simple those jeans or a new job. But you did it.

This is your key. You intuitively know how to adapt. Think about what you did and how fabulous you felt when you mastered it. It’s not all chaotic and unknown like the ever-changing challenge of raising of a child. Think of it like the second kid. We’re in a stage, it’s all ok.

Can we agree that change is inevitable? Perhaps even embrace it? That we’re good at it?

Let’s get on our comfy jeans and realise that they weren’t always this comfy. Let’s adapt.

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