Write Your Own Headline

My neighbourhood, like many others globally, has really pulled together during 2020. For the first time in my life, I’m part of a community, strangers brought together by proximity.  A WhatsApp group was formed to assist our community and each other during a crisis, but it’s evolved into something else. Complete strangers share information and run errands for each other. We share birthdays by tying ribbons on trees and leaving sidewalk chalk messages. We laugh at crazy jokes, freak out, settle each other, and break bread together (yes, we have an expert in our midst who bakes amazing breads that we can pick up from his garage!). Sometimes we disagree on subjects, but more often we share our thoughts and try to help one another.

This came across the communication last week and it resonated deeply with me.

It made me think, why do we let the headlines determine our day? Our lives? Maybe we should heed the advice from someone who has lived longer and seen more. Why can’t we write our own headline every single day and live it, rather than giving in to the ‘new norm’ and the negativity that surrounds us.

Mine today is this:


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