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I have a friend who has lived through a lot. Years ago, she was literally struck by electricity, which took quite some time to recover. She lost her father at a young age and has suicide and mental illnesses scattered throughout her family. She has 3 adult children, a very busy, husband who works long …

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Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back

As in tennis, the bounce is all important. Bouncing back in life is something that takes the resilience of a tennis player. Picture Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer and you know what I mean. Injured, exhausted and still finding a way to play, win or lose. We love watching them fight back. The amazing news …

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bounce focus


Tennis is a subtle game of extremes. It’s full of anomalies. It looks easy. I mean let’s face it, very small children play it for goodness sake. But it’s one of, if not THE, hardest games in the world. It’s lonely. It’s grueling. You are an island. No coaching allowed. The subtleties that make the …

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