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Healthy Skepticism

By Debra Pascoe | October 22, 2020

When I first moved to Australia I was shocked by a few things. The first was how healthy the people were. Not just physically, but their outlook on life. At the core of it was a raw honesty, which took me aback. I came to realise that this was just the Aussie way, and not …

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The Kiss

When we think of The Kiss, our minds might go straight to Gustav Klimt’s amazing painting, created in 1907 during the Golden Period. It now hangs in the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna for anyone who wishes to see it in person. For those of us who cannot get to Vienna, we can still appreciate the …

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Stuffed managing grief at christmas


This word has different meanings, in different countries. In America it’s all to do with how much bread, chestnuts and celery you put into your Christmas turkey. It might even refer to how much stuff you cram into a lovely stocking hanging over the mantle. I love stuffing stockings with crazy fun things and chocolate …

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the art of giving

The Art of Giving

Is the art of giving finding the perfect present for your loved one? Yes. Is the art of giving going out of your way to do so? Yes. Is the art of giving seeing their face light up? Yes! Is the art creating stress? Then it’s no longer art. All of the above flies out …

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fish are friends not food

Fish are friends not food

I take a lot of inspiration from the movie Finding Nemo. When my son was very young, he must have watched it 100 times, so it’s imbedded in my psyche. When Bruce the shark is at his underwater AA meeting, desperately trying not to eat fish, his affirmative statement is ‘FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!’ …

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post traumatic growth

Post Traumatic Growth

We hear so much these days about PTSD. It’s almost like people own their post-traumatic stress and when triggers are activated, there is no turning back, they regress into that old state of sadness. I understand and sympathise. However, I’d like to offer a different idea. A concept that came to me when I was …

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moving forward, not moving on

Moving Forward, not Moving On

A good time to talk to your kids, especially teenagers is in the car or directly after exercise. The car is much less confrontational than face to face, and they seem to open up. Post exercise they’re too tired to argue and their endorphins are up. Have you ever had this experience at the dinner …

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