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Healthy Skepticism

By Debra Pascoe | October 22, 2020

When I first moved to Australia I was shocked by a few things. The first was how healthy the people were. Not just physically, but their outlook on life. At the core of it was a raw honesty, which took me aback. I came to realise that this was just the Aussie way, and not …

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The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour

With a background in design and colour it’s part of my psyche and something I can’t escape. Years ago, while doing some work with a woman involved with the Sydney Olympics, she said to me “Designers have Pineapple Eyes”. I thought this was an interesting analogy. What she meant was designers literally see everything, constantly. …

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Have you ever felt so confused that you didn’t know which way to turn? So overwhelmed and stressed that you felt frozen, not knowing what to do first? Doubting that you have any resilience? I certainly have. So what do you do when you get there? When you feel you’ve hit rock bottom? Drink? Do …

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Resilience = Respect

To be resilient today is highly respected. We admire it in those who have it. How do we obtain this elusive trait? Wait for a trauma and hope we bounce back? Put our body to the test? Both, pretty extreme. LATIN: Re:back  Salire: jump, leap. A bit later it evolved to ‘springing back’. We aren’t …

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Loving yourself is like admiring a piece of great abstract art. It just works, without explanation. It always cracks me up when I am in an art gallery viewing a seemingly ‘simple’ painting and someone says “I could have done that!”. I say well do it then. This is the difference. That person created the …

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Love Thyself

The season of love is before us. Flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners. To tell someone you love them people go out of their way, on that one special day. Some say it’s far too commercial, others embrace it and line up for flowers. Either way it’s the world we live in. To the men that say …

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Aretha said it best. Rodney Dangerfield had fun with it. But how annoying is it to have a teacher or boss who demands respect but doesn’t earn it?
Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back

As in tennis, the bounce is all important. Bouncing back in life is something that takes the resilience of a tennis player. Picture Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer and you know what I mean. Injured, exhausted and still finding a way to play, win or lose. We love watching them fight back. The amazing news …

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bounce focus


Tennis is a subtle game of extremes. It’s full of anomalies. It looks easy. I mean let’s face it, very small children play it for goodness sake. But it’s one of, if not THE, hardest games in the world. It’s lonely. It’s grueling. You are an island. No coaching allowed. The subtleties that make the …

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Blurred 2020

Blurred 2020

Post holidays my vision is a bit blurred, hardly 2020. Maybe it’s too much fun, lack of exercise or just emotional pressures. We’ve all dealt with parties, presents, family and the pinnacle– New Years. And don’t forget to make  an amazing declaration! Jeez.. If your vision is a bit blurred when it’s supposed to be …

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Be Part of the Confetti

Be Part of the Confetti

On January 1, 2019 I was in Times Square for New Year’s Eve. A once in a lifetime event and it was wonderful. Crazy yes, but awesome. Typically, I choose to celebrate the occasion with a few friends, but in recent years it has been alone. One year I cried. One year I watched the …

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